Never Forget Short Film


Fantasy meets darkness in this chilling and wicked tale of twelve victims that alter into Disney’s Peter Pan characters after being killed in a school shooting in the United States. 

Hi everyone and welcome to “Never Forget” the short film. First, I would like to honour and give a massive thank you to each and every single person who made “Far Away Places” what it is today. You brought it to life and gave me the most amazing gift I have ever received. Because of your support, I will never forget the most life changing experience of my life. Thank you so so so much! It’s driven to me create more films that have an important meaning behind them. I am taking on a different matter now—a very serious one at that. School/Mass shootings. 


Far Away Places won 21 awards thanks to all the donators!



You and I see it in the news everyday— the headlines are repetitive, horrifying, shocking, and heart-breaking. The ban for guns hasn’t just become a “conversation” but now a revolution. If you’re wondering where I came up with this idea to do a short film on the gun issues in America—let me explain. I was inspired to create this film way before the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in 2018. I’m sure you’ve heard of Sandy Hook, Columbine, and countless others that are unfortunate to even be listing down in the first place. The 2015 Paris attacks had me sobbing like you can imagine… but something else happened that day… iPhone recordings of the Paris attacks had been going viral in news castings and all over the internet. What got me, was how these clips made me feel like I was really there. That’s exactly my goal for “Never Forget.” 

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