Tatiana Shanks


Tatiana Shanks began working for three American clothing companies, MissBehave Girls, Modiste Youth Contemporary and Penelope Tree in 2015 as a creative director, editor and photographer. Tatiana then started 12th grade Homeschool year at Self Design which pulled her focus more towards Photography and Film projects. Although Photography is what Tatiana is well associated with, in the future Tatiana wants a career as a Director. At the tender age of 8, Tatiana began writing and shooting short films with her little brothers and sisters, and creating film projects in high school. Tatiana is an ambitious 18 year old and a quick learner with a creative outlook just itching to learn more, whilst still playing around trying to find her own style. She is currently writing her first Film while working on set in Toronto with the number one hit
series in Canada, Saving Hope. Intern as Assistant Director on the show as well as many other various departments on the set.


Vaitiare Hirshon

executive producer

Vaitiare Hirshon was born in Tahiti, French Polynesia. She started her business career at the age of 16 as a model for Nina Blanchard Modeling Agency. At age 17, Vaitiare auditioned or the internationally renowned singer, Julio Iglesias’ Christmas Special music video filmed on the island of Tahiti. Vaitiare was then offered the lead female role in the remake of The Bounty (1984), starring a young Mel Gibson, and turned it down. In her early 20's, Vaitiare starred in her first comedy film in Spain, Tahiti's Girl (1990), and then decided to study acting, back in Los Angeles, with renowned acting coach, Larry Moss. Vaitiare hosted an award-winning 13 episodes documentary, "Tahiti and her Island", for TVE- Spain. Vaitiare appeared in several US TV ads and was named Ambassador of Good Will for a Disabled Children's Charity in South America.

She starred in the successful Spanish-language novella, Agujetas de color  de rosa (1994), which was seen in 45 countries. She also made guest appearances
on Married with Children (1987), Out of the Blue (1996) and Acapulco H.E.A.T. (1993). Vaitiare also had  a role in the movie, U.S. Marshals (1998) starting academy award winner Tommy Lee Jones. Vaitiare's best-known role was on Stargate SG-1 (1997), where she guest-starred in several episodes as Daniel
Jackson's wife, "Sha're". As of September 2016, Vaitiare has joined DeerHorn Advisory Services as Public Relations Director responsible for managing the department and the content it delivers. Vaitiare will ensure that brand message is consistent, timely and relevant as well as follow-up with the Company's West coast based clientele. 


Tony London

Producer/ actor 

Tony London is an award winning Singer-Recording Artist, turned actor and screenwriter/producer. He's recently starred in ABC's hit series, "In an Instant", and been cast in several feature films. Currently in production for a major feature film in the western genre, titled "When the Storm God Rides", Tony is cast in a lead role of Doc Holliday, along side veteran actors Gary Busy, Martin Kove, and Joe Estevez.

He began singing in travel Broadway shows like 42nd Street and South Pacific at age 16.  From there, he joined the military and sang for the Air Force Band, and immediately following his discharge, was picked up by a National touring show band.  Tony spent the first decade of his singing and acting career, bouncing from one performing show band to the next, always seeking bigger challenges and stepping up to higher levels of shows, and playing small roles in early cable television comedy short films.

He has recorded and produced a total of 9 Nationally released albums, along with dozens of additional studio sessions and a list of commercially released advertising jingles.  Among his many recorded albums, is "Tony London ~ Songs From The Heart" with the legendary Page Cavanaugh Trio.  Produced by famed MGM actress, Marsha Hunt, the album included hands-on co-direction by famous writer-composer, Hugh Martin, who worked for years with stars like Judy Garland, writing songs such as "Have Yourself A merry Little Christmas" and "The Trolley Song". Another famous writer-composer who got involved on the album was Ray Evans, known for his timeless hits "Mona Lisa", "Silver Bells", Que Sera Sera", and theme songs for well-known shows like Bonanza and Mr. Ed.